9 Sep 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Poster Exclusive

With only a week to go until the release of 'Tinker Tailor Solider Spy' in cinemas I've decided to produce my own alternative movie poster to celebrate one of the most anticipated movies of 2011. As spy movies are all about intrigue and mystery, I decided to add a subtle visual mystery of my own to the design. Hopefully if you look closely you will see what I mean, but it may not be too obvious at first glance!

The guys over at heyuguys.co.uk have an exclusive preview of the 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' poster on their website since Friday afternoon but you can now it below by scolling down the page.

The plan is to release a limited batch of prints (either 10,25 or 50), hand signed and numbered, but it all depends on if there is a demand for it, so if you are interested, leave a comment here, drop me a tweet @davewi11 or leave a comment on the post over at heyuguys.co.uk.

For more info on the film itself, check out www.tinker-tailor-soldier-spy.com

EDIT: After a fair bit of interest I have decided to get 25 posters printed at the usual spec (24x18") so to pre-order your copy use the Buy It Now button below!

EDIT 2: To be in with a chance to win a free print just leave a comment below saying who your favourite fictional spy of all time is and why. It could be James Bond, Inspector Gadget or even Johnny English! Ill pick a winner at random from the comments below!

EDIT 3: The TTSS poster is now sold out! Thanks to all who bought one.


  1. Best fictional spy in my opinion..... Jack Ryan. Alec Baldwin played him cool and nervous, Harrison Ford had him determined yet weary and Ben Affleck managed to not spoil the character and even injected some intelligence. But you can't beat Harrison.

  2. The best fictional spy is Charles Bartowski from the NBC show Chuck. He's smart, funny, clever, and has a government database stored in his head, so he can quickly identify and solve a situation.

  3. Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman) in Hitchcock's Notorious is my favorite (for today) spy in cinema. She is a drunk, she is commited to defeating the Nazis, and she is gorgeous. What could be better? -C.L. Branch @boriskrunch

  4. Thanks for all the comments so far, please do feel free to RT the message and spread the word :)

  5. Derek Flint (James Coburn) RE: In Like Flint, Out Man Flint, etc. (Really showing my age) Of course, no one did Bond like Sir Sean Connery. (from Tim V.)

  6. My favorite to look at would defo be Sydney Bristow from Alias. My favorite to want to be myself...Bond, James Bond.

  7. My favourite spy is Harry Palmer....and not a lot of people know that....

  8. This poster is awesome!! My favourite spy is by far Nikita in the original 1990 "la femme nikita" Are these available to pick up as I am in Liverpool as well

  9. Great stuff everyone, keep them coming!
    And yes alameals, Im sure we could arrange a pick up seeing as though you are based so closely so if you dont win then feel free to buy a print and we can arrange that.

  10. Jason Bourne

    His no nonsense attitude and outstanding determination for both
    knowledge and justice ensure he deserves a strong mention.

    Gadget-less and without support, he demonstrated intelligence,
    strength and resolve all in equal measure. No frills, simply Bourne...

    Oh, and he was the blueprint for Bond finally taking a new direction.

    William Conboy
    Twitter @WilliamConboy

  11. Bill Murray in 'The Man Who Knew Too Little' is the best film spy ever! Even though he never actually was a spy! I've already purchased a poster but have ideas for uses if I win another :)

  12. Gary Oldman - I brushed shoulders with him while being a background artist in this film.

  13. Thanks so much for all the comments guys!
    And wow@Jack, Im very jealous, it must have been a brilliant experience to be involved in such a great movie.

  14. Frank Drebben...

    just the name makes you smile...

  15. Thanks for all the comments guys, Ill pick a winner at random and announce it here and on twitter in a few minutes.

  16. Congratulations to Jack Trot who was picked at random thanks to one of my twitter followers! Please get in touch Jack with your details so I can send you the poster.

    To everyone else who entered, thanks so much, I do really appreciate it, sorry not everyone could win, but if you are still interested in the print I do have a couple of posters left that you can buy with the paypal button above.

  17. I think anyone who chooses Bond isn't going to win but I have to go with the father of all spies. You have your choice of actor, it's a legacy that will never die and has spawn fantastic references and satire throughout history. Bourne? XXX? Nobody comes even remotely close. Sorry.